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Why Have Wrinkles When You Can Get Botox?

Published on May 4, 2017
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Botox is a widely popular cosmetic treatment that can help eliminate wrinkles and reveal your youthful allure. The treatment is highly effective for both men and women and millions of people undergo the injections every year. Botox is minimally invasive and safe to use in a variety of skin and body types.

What is a Botox?

Botox is composed of a neurotoxin called botulinum which is synthesized by Clostridium botulinum. The injected botulinum causes numbness in the specific nerves of the muscles being targeted. This is usually in the wrinkles on forehead area or on the sides of the eyes. These wrinkles are mainly caused by the continuous contractions of the facial muscles in those areas.

Those who desire to get rid of the wrinkles choose to undergo a botox treatment for its ease and effectiveness. The components that are used to make it have an impact on the muscles and helps to to relax. As a result of your muscles becoming more relaxed, the wrinkles in the target area will lessen and vanish in time.

Is Botox a Safe Cosmetic Treatment for Rejuvenating Youthful Looks?

Botox is a highly effective cosmetic treatment that can help you rejuvenate your youthful looks efficiently. However, if taken in the wrong dose, botox can potentially be harmful. An excess concentration of botulinum can be lethal so it is important to carefully moderate the amount given.

During the treatment, your surgeon will inject a very small portion of the compound along with a saline solution to temporarily paralyze the targeted muscles. This diluted form of the compound is administered to the neuromuscular tissue. The effects of the procedure will not be immediate, but they will appear quickly. It takes about one to two days for you to see visible changes.

During the period after injection, the botox will react with the tissues and work to paralyze them and thus hamper the synaptosomal procedures. This causes the wrinkled look of the skin to slowly fade away. In some cases, a patient who undergoes the treatment may take longer to react to the botox. In cases such as these, it may take about five days to notice visible signs.

You may experience slight discomfort in the injected area, but it will subside in time. Some patients are also known to experience numbness, headaches, and nausea in some cases, but these symptoms will not last.

Choosing the Right Care Provider to Administer Botox

Botox is a common cosmetic treatment that is administered by numerous care providers every day. However, even though the procedure is minimally-invasive, it is important that you receive the injection from a trained professional who has the necessary qualifications. This is because, the dosage concentration has to be carefully tuned to suit your specific needs.

A skilled professional will also be able to clearly detail how the procedure works and the steps involved to prepare you. This will ensure that you understand how the treatment is done and detail any post-procedure care instructions that you need to follow. By taking the appropriate precautions, you can ensure that your results will be the best possible.

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