When it comes to something as permanent as a tattoo, you’ll want to make sure that your feelings about it will remain about the same through the rest of your life. As you grow older, however, those tattoos you once thought were a great idea might turn out to be quite the opposite.

If you have a tattoo that you received years ago, but you’re no longer happy with the way it looks or means, then you can get it removed with the help of the PicoWay laser. This laser tattoo removal method is incredibly effective and highly efficient.

Do Away With The Issues of Traditional Laser Tattoo Removal

Before the most recent innovations in laser tattoo removal technology, the process of getting a tattoo removed was a painful, tedious process with questionable results. The most common problem with many of the methods available were their inability to work on all skin types. This made certain tattoos much harder to remove than others.

People who have a darker skin color were even at more risk because the energy of the lasers would also be absorbed into the skin, raising the risk of injuries from the tattoo removal process. During the process, many people would complain about discomfort – it would even drive some to drop out of the process altogether. Thankfully, tattoo removal technology has come a long way since then.

PicoWay offers a way to remove your tattoos in fewer treatment sessions, with much less discomfort. And the best part is that it also delivers more effective results! What could be better?

PicoWay: An Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal System

Picoway makes use of something called “picosecond laser technology”. This allows the energy from the laser to target the ink with quick pulses. The treatment gets its name from the super short time that the energy is delivered to the skin – a time that’s measured in picoseconds. That’s about a trillionth of a second!

This makes the treatments quicker and also more comfortable as the exposure to the laser is significantly shorter. You will typically not require any downtime after a session of PicoWay. If you feel you need some local anesthesia or topical numbing cream to dull the discomfort, you can ask for it.

Erase Your Tattoo Permanently With The PicoWay Laser

The PicoWay laser tattoo removal system is likely to work on whatever kind of tattoo you have, regardless of your skin color. In fact, even the FDA has cleared PicoWay for use in tattoo removal for a wide range of tattoos. Because the laser shatters the smallest of ink particles, it can help clear more of the ink from your system, leaving you with a better “after”.

Of course, the actual number of treatments that you will need will depend on things like the size of the tattoo itself, the pigments used, the depth of the tattoo, and your skin color. Though you should expect to need fewer sessions to completely erase your tattoo to the maximum extent possible, than if you’d used a an alternative tattoo removal method.

You will notice a visible change in the tattoo in just a few sessions with the ink seeming much lighter and the tattoo itself less obvious against the rest of your skin.

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The way you feel about your tattoo may not stay the same for the rest of your life. If you want to get rid of one, it’s time to consider the PicoWay laser tattoo removal treatment. To learn more about this treatment, contact Enfuse Medical Spa and Hair Restoration to schedule your consultation with Dr. William Evans today.