Say hello to laser hair removal with the GentleLASE 755 nm alexandrite laser. When considering laser hair removal, it is very important to consider and research all the options that are available to you.

There are many excellent hair removal options that are available on the market, but one stands out in particular – the GentleLASE hair removal with the alexandrite laser. To understand why the GentleLASE is one you need to consider, you’ll have to understand what laser hair removal is.

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

It is the best method to remove hair from any part of your body. Not only is it highly effective, it is also virtually painless. To remove hair permanently, a high-power light with a very specific wavelength must be used.

The alexandrite laser is designed specially to be effective in removing hair. Its 755 nm waves targets and is absorbed by melanin that’s found in hair. It has a power stronger than normal lasers and it removes hair more effectively than any other laser available.

Where Can You Get the Alexandrite Laser Treatment?

The alexandrite laser is very powerful, the most powerful laser when compared to other hair removal treatments. It should only be used in a clean facility, by a qualified, and trained medical practitioner.

What Does the Alexandrite Laser Do?

The Alexandrite laser emits a high energy light through its crystal. The passing of the light through the crystal produces a strong beam of light that targets and destroys hair follicles. The higher the length of the beam of light, the further into the skin it penetrates.

The laser light produces a red color. Along with hair removal, the alexandrite 755 nm laser can also be used for:

• Treating spider veins
• Treating age spots
• Tattoo removal
• Treating vascular birthmarks

The Advantages of The Alexandrite Laser

It can be used effectively on all skin and hair types without causing any complications. While other hair removal lasers tend to affect darker skin in some way, the alexandrite laser can be used on any skin color without any issues. It has also been effective in removing, thin, fine hairs that are usually troublesome to target while using other types of lasers treatments.

The wavelength that is emitted by the alexandrite laser especially targets the melanin (pigment cells that are in your hair), which heats the cells and destroys them completely.

How Effective Is the Alexandrite Laser?

The GentleLASE treatments using the alexandrite laser has a successful hair clearance rate of 70% after the recommended amount of treatments. Thinner, lighter hair will need about 8 sessions while thicker, darker hair requires about 8 to 12 sessions.

The alexandrite laser is also one of the fastest hair removal methods available. It is ideal for use on larger areas of the body like the back, stomach, chest, or legs. The alexandrite laser also treats the ambras syndrome, also called hypertrichosis.

You should have a detailed talk with your doctor about the procedure before going in for the treatment. This usually helps to give you a good idea of what to expect.

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