Any issues related to the skin are not always visible just on the surface. It is difficult to judge your skin’s actual condition merely by looking at it from the outside. It certainly needs a deeper analysis to detect any problems that might not be clear to the naked eye. This is absolutely necessary in order to provide the right treatment. VISIA-CR Imaging is one such method developed to have a deeper look at your skin’s condition.

What is VISIA?

VISIA is a skin imaging and analysis system designed by Canfield Imaging Systems. It is a multi-spectral imaging system that provides an in-depth analysis of your skin’s health. Not only does this system identify the areas of your skin that deserve attention and may require subsequent treatment, but it also tracks ongoing medications to determine if they have the desired effect at the cellular level.

Who Needs A Visia Skin Analysis?

The VISIA skin analysis is designed for all skin types, colors and textures. Anyone who wants to maintain youthful and healthy skin by getting a detailed profiling of the face can opt for this scan. 

It is all the more beneficial for people with sun damage, wrinkles and fine lines, acne scars, blemishes, pigmentation, enlarged pores, or other such skin problems. It is also useful in detecting oily or dry skin so that the doctor can prescribe a skin care routine accordingly. 

How Does It Work?

VISIA captures high quality images of the face from different angles by rotating smoothly around the person’s face. The integrated software then processes the images captured to look for problematic areas on the skin. It aims at gathering visual information on the commonly affected regions of the skin to detect pores, pigmentation, texture, complexion, UV spots, and any presence of bacteria.

The results of the image processing gives a quantitative analysis and a visual assessment of any issues detected on the skin. It provides information such as the ‘TruSkin age’, which is the patient’s overall skin condition and apparent age. It also has an aging simulation method which visualizes how the patient’s skin will age in the next couple of years. 

VISIA provides information on sub-surface melanin and vascular conditions for all skin types and ethnicities. The software also provides a percentile score by comparing the patient’s skin condition with that of others of the same age from a large database.

How Does Visia Assist In Treating Skin Problems?

The results of the first VISIA analysis act as a baseline for your doctor to decide which areas of your skin need attention and what treatment would be best suited. 

Once the treatment is started, you may be required to undergo VISIA analysis from time to time for the doctor to determine if the treatments are showing their intended results. This helps in providing the right treatment for your skin and modifying the treatment according to your need to yield the best results.

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