Linda is dually licensed as a nurse and aesthetician. She has experience working first hand with some of the leading Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons in Chicago. She loves nothing more than learning and understanding the skin at a deeper level. Linda was able to scribe with many physicians learning all about skin conditions, signs and symptoms of skin cancers, melanomas and atypical lesions along with learning about the many treatment options. Linda has the best of both worlds of medicine and aesthetics!

Linda’s motto is: Skin is the largest organ of our body and our first line of defense. Taking care of our skin should be a priority, not an option.

Linda believes in mind, body, and soul. Connecting all three makes it an amazing journey for a better lifestyle.

On her downtime she likes to be with her family and dogs (3), gardening, dancing, pretending to know how to sing, traveling whenever she can, and watching ‘Friends’ every night.

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