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Arcona Signature Facials Chicago

ARCONA natural luxury skin care and facial studio were born in Los Angeles in 1989, established by a remarkable woman named Arcona. A chemist and pioneer in holistic skin care long before it became trendy, she developed skin care products and treatments that would provide Hollywood celebrities— and women and men everywhere—with an alternative to cosmetic surgery and other harsh treatments to forestall the effects of aging.

Today, the ARCONA brand is known and respected for its high quality, luxury formulations for women and men and their unparalleled ability to make a positive change to the skin. Chanel Jenae, vice president, product formulator and esthetician and Kevin Anderson, ARCONA president and CEO, continue to build on the legacy the brand so rightly deserves. Having worked directly with Arcona for many years, they carry on the fundamental philosophy and vision of the brand well into the future.

What Makes Arcona Unique—and Effective!

The key to ARCONA’s effectiveness is its active ingredients and the way they are combined and processed. Cosmeceutical-grade ingredients, such as enzymes, antioxidants and amino acids, are formulated to work synergistically to deliver powerful results. These active ingredients are cold- processed at very low temperatures, in small batches, to keep them active and effective. Because cold processing is labor and time intensive, most skin care products, even the expensive ones that may begin with quality ingredients, are heat processed, which ultimately leaves nutrients lifeless and ineffective.

The Arcona Philosophy

ARCONA believes everyone’s skin can and should look beautiful at any age regardless of their history, as well that lasting beauty comes from within and that whatever goes on skin also goes into the body. Therefore, ARCONA products use only the finest quality, all natural ingredients in products that penetrate deep into the cellular layers of the skin to effect real change, resulting in glowing, healthy skin at any age.


I like using the ARCONA Triad pads – they make it so easy to quickly clean my face after a busy day!
– Anna Kendrick, Actress

I’ve been using ARCONA face and body products for as far back as I’d like to remember. They are my favorites.
– Diane Lane, Actress

The ARCONA products are the best I have ever used.
– Lauren Graham, Actress

About once a week I use this ARCONA Tea Tree Mask. Now I rarely ever have a breakout.
– Katherine Heigl, Actress

I don’t just glow because I’m young. Thank you ARCONA.
– Mandy Moore, Singer & Actress

ARCONA’s Cranberry Toner is my absolute favorite. Since I have been using it, I have thrown away everything else and it is all that I use now.
– Mariska Hargitay, Actress

You can tell everybody. I sing the ARCONA praises. ARCONA saved my skin! – Regina King, actress I’ve never been to a spa where so much care is put in to the ingredients – both the ones used on your face and in the spa. Even the cleaning products are all-natural!
– Sarah Michelle Gellar, Actress

I use ARCONA’s Peptide Eye Serum on set and it helps me look refreshed even after long hours spent filming.
– Zoe Saldana, Actress

I felt the Brightening Gommage working after just the first use. It feels so fresh and minty going on and leaves your skin feeling smooth and glowing.
– Torrey DeVitto, Actress

Since using ARCONA, I’ve noticed a huge change and improvement in my skin. The all-natural and high-quality products feel light and fresh and leave my skin glowing! With all of the makeup I use on set, I can trust that ARCONA will keep my skin clear.
– Fiona Gubelmann, Actress

All of my skincare is by Arcona. It’s all-natural ingredients, cranberries and pomegranate and differentfruits and vegetables. It’s yummy, it smells delicious and it’s good for your skin.
– Anna Lynn McCord, Actress

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