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The IDerm Treatment Chicago

iderm treatment

Dermaculture has utilized Ionization techniques for the treatment of skin for over 70 years.

Dermaculture’s Iderm Process is a proprietary treatment technology that introduced the concept of Ionization to the skincare industry. While other companies have developed ionization machines since Dermaculture, none have successfully integrated the properties of Ionization with the cosmetic application of skin care solutions. Enfuse offers this treatment as one of its premier Chicago Facials.

What is an Iderm Treatment?

The Iderm Treatment is the most comprehensive approach to treating the skin. The Iderm Treatment uses a direct “Galvanic” current which effectively introduces nourishing water soluble solutions into the skin by a process called Iontophoresis. The only way we can truly affect the lower layers of the skin is to draw beneficial solutions to the dermal tissue by means of electricity.


Iderm Treatments utilize two Ionization processes: Cataphoresis (positive) and Anaphoresis (negative). A positive treatment causes an acidic reaction and helps to firm the skin and promote new cell growth. A negative treatment creates an alkaline reaction and is used to soften skin and stimulate circulation. Negative treatments are commonly used for deep pore cleansing and to loosen impacted cystic acne. Your trained esthetician will determine which treatment is best for your skin condition and desired results.

Is the Iderm Treatment Safe?

The Iderm Treatment Process uses a very low intensity current, a milliampere (1/1,000 of an ampere) which is both safe and effective for application to the skin.

What Results Can I Expect?

You will notice how exceptionally clean and rejuvenated your skin looks and feels after the first treatment. A combination of treatments and proper use of skin care products will tighten pores, smooth fine lines and improve elasticity.

How Often Can I Have a Treatment?

We recommend one treatment a week to start, and a minimum of one treatment a month to maintain the best results. However, your esthetician will determine the frequency of treatments necessary for your skin condition and desired results. Iderm Treatments have also been proven extremely effective in the medical arena where they are highly recommended before and after laser or surgical procedures to accelerate the healing process and to rejuvenate the skin.

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