Eyebrows hold an important influence in lending beautiful dimension and definition to the other features of your face. Having thick and perfectly shaped eyebrows is widely popular these days. This is why we see dark, bushy, and even unkempt eyebrow looks being sported everywhere from the runway to magazine covers.

The look has not only led innumerable ladies to grow out their brows and bid a happy goodbye to their regular grooming buddies like the tweezers, but it has also made life more easy for those who focused on shaping their eyebrows daily.

But what do you do if your eyebrow growth is not as impressive as what you see in the magazines? Does it mean that you would have to fall behind on the latest fashion trends while all your lovely girlfriends sport the fresh new look? The answer is absolutely not!

With the latest advancements in the world of cosmetic procedures, there is an incredible semi-permanent makeup artistry treatment known as 3D Microblading that helps lend a fuller and denser look to your otherwise scant and thin eyebrows.

What is Real Brows 3D Microblading?

A cool new way of updating and refining your most important facial feature, the Real Brows 3D Microblading is a technique that can be used to reconstruct, cover gaps, and fill in or define the existing over plucked eyebrows.

Unlike regular eyebrow pencil makeup that ends up looking artificial overtime, the Microblading technique incorporates the use of embroidered strokes that appear to be an exact replica of naturally flowing eyebrow hair. The results look natural and can last somewhere from three to four years.

How is Real Brows 3D Microblading procedure performed?

The procedure entails the use of a highly advanced pen device tool that carries a number of fine needles that are used to puncture the skin and deposit the pigments within the dermis. Your medical practitioner will start the procedure by first cleaning up the brow line to remove the stray hair.

A topical anesthetic cream will then be applied in and around the eyebrows to numb the treatment area and ensure that the patient doesn’t experience any pain or discomfort during the Microblading session. After this, the technician will spend an ample amount of time (45 minutes to an hour) tracing the desired eyebrows using an erasable pencil.

Since the results are typically expected to last a long time, extreme care is taken during this step to ensure maximum accuracy and precision of the customized shape that has been chosen for the specific client. Now the new eyebrow will be embroidered onto the desired area and shape using single hair like strokes that look like your real eyebrow hair.

This is done by dipping the pen device into the pigment (that exactly matches your natural brow color) and using brush strokes to deposit the pigment into the topmost layer of the skin. The best part about this treatment is that there is zero downtime and you will be selfie-ready immediately after the process.

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