The Cosmelan Peel MD chemical peel is a one-of-a-kind solution for certain skin conditions. It is very effective when it comes to treating hyperpigmentation and melasma. Patients who are interested in trying out a Cosmelan Peel MD in Chicago are encouraged to arrange a consultation at Enfuse Medical Spa & Hair Restoration.

What Is a Cosmelan Peel MD Chemical Peel?

Brown patches and skin discolorations are caused by various factors. People can develop hyperpigmentation and melasma as a result of sun exposure, aging, acne, and hormonal changes due to pregnancy or menopause.

These skin conditions can affect your aesthetic. There are plenty of ways to treat these skin problems, but only a few of them are safe and effective. Cosmelan Peel MD is one of the top treatments when it comes to hyperpigmentation and melasma.

Cosmelan Peel MD is a chemical peel that improves the brightness and luminosity of the skin. It is made up of over 50 other active ingredients. This cosmetic solution can reduce the overproduction of melanocytes, effectively treating skin discoloration.

How Does It Work?

Discolored patches of skin are made up of clusters of melanin pigment cells. The skin requires the enzyme tyrosinase when producing melanin pigment. Cosmelan Peel MD inhibits this enzyme, thus reducing the production of melanin. As a result, the patient will see significant reduction of these skin problems.

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Am I a Good Candidate?

Cosmelan Peel MD is suitable for all skin types. Patients who want to get rid of their skin discoloration are good candidates for this treatment. Candidates must be willing to follow aftercare instructions closely in order to achieve ideal results.

Your Consultation

When you come to Enfuse Medical Spa & Hair Restoration for a consultation, we will listen to your skin concerns and goals. A physical evaluation will be conducted to assess your skin condition. We will personalize a treatment plan based on your skin condition and goals. Each detail of the plan will be explained to you, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Instructions will be given to prepare you for treatment. The instructions may include avoiding other facial treatments for at least a week before your session. You will also need to protect your skin from sun overexposure during this time. You may need to prime your skin using a few depigmenting creams before the treatment session.

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Your Cosmelan Peel MD Session

The Cosmelan Peel MD session will start by cleaning the skin using a special cleanser. A degreasing solution will also be used to eliminate all impurities and oil from the treatment area. Lastly, a thick layer of Cosmelan 1 mask will be applied to the treated area. The patient will be instructed to leave the mask in place for four to eight hours, depending on their skin type.


The patient can go home after treatment with the mask on. The patient will be given instructions and a jar of Cosmelan 2 and other skincare essentials to use for the phase two of the treatment plan. The second part of treatment will consist of routine maintenance using Cosmelan 2 cream for around three times a day for the first week, twice a day for the second week, and once a day for the third week.

The patient may notice significant drying and peeling in the treatment area for around three to four days. Minor symptoms such as redness, tightness, soreness, and sensitivity to the sun may also be experienced.

In approximately four days after treatment, the patient will be able to see noticeable improvement in their skin. This will continue to improve for four to five weeks, when the patient will be able to enjoy the full results of the treatment.

How Much Does the Cosmelan Peel MD Treatment Cost?

The cost of Cosmelan Peel MD will depend on the treatment plan. If additional Cosmelan 2 cream is required, this can impact the overall price of the treatment.

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