Patti Gran, Licensed Aesthetician

Patti Gran

Lead Medical Aesthetician

Patti is the team leader at Enfuse and has been for over a decade. She combines her passion for medicine and science with her compassion for and desire to help others. She researches every product and procedure that is on the market today so that she can recommend the most up to date and appropriate treatment for each patient.
Patti believes that education is more than just a google search and strives to not only treat the superficial issue, but commits to finding the underlying problem.
Patti has 15 years of aesthetic experience and specializes in tricky dermatological cases that take some detective work. She loves treating difficult acne and melasma as well as deep scarring and vascular lesions.

Patti has dedicated herself to helping all people, but has made a special effort to help the LGBTQIA community by facilitating an inclusive and progressive medical spa that genuinely caters to the community.

In her free time, Patti likes playing music, painting and watching films with her partner, Inga and her doxie-poo, Frida.

Patti’s favorite skincare item: RETINOL, RETINOL, RETINOL.

Patti’s favorite laser treatment is the Morpheus8.

Within the medical spa industry, Patti offers medical consulting and management, as well as planning services. For inquiries about this, feel free to email her.


“I never write reviews, and I mean NEVER. This is actually my first. I just love Patti and the crew at Enfuse so much, I had to make my affections public.

“Patti has literally transformed my skin. She was recommended to me from a close friend and I went to see her about three years ago – my skin was a nightmare. I suffer from hyperpigmentation/melasma on top of the world’s most annoying chronic adult acne. She is so knowledgeable and such a straight shooter – when it comes to vanity some of these med spa professionals can “take you for a ride” but Patti genuinely wants to help and making a buck is never her bottom line. She has talked me out of some ridiculous products/procedures in moments of frustration/panic and always appeases me when I bring up products I am considering trying – at this point I would never make a decision about my skin (topical or otherwise) without her invaluable advice and/or recommendation. For the first time since I can remember, I am comfortable without makeup and it’s all due to one miss Patti Gran.

“I have gotten PCA peels, IPL laser therapy, laser hair removal, broken nasal capillary laser treatment, and Vitamin B12 shots from Patti and with all of the above she is the absolute best.

“Sidenote: I brought it a friend who wanted to try botox for the first time and Carol was amazing with her! She’s the in house “inject-able guru” – also a straight shooter which is appreciated.”
– Ellary

“Patti is the best. She made me feel comfortable, look beautiful and we even had a good belly laugh. I went to 2 other places and no-one gave me such clear concise explanation. Outstanding value!”
– Taryn

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