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Gender Confirming Hair Restoration Chicago

Enfuse aims to create a comfortable space and opportunities for those of the Trans/NB community to find support via transition related services such as laser hair removal, post-surgery scar reduction, hair restoration/hairline feminization and non-surgical facial enhancement.

Each transition is unique to the individual and we hope to provide customized assistance for each client. Our mission is to provide these services in the hope of increased personal confidence, employment opportunities and safety in public space. We work individually with each client to provide a treatment plan that best relates to their transition and goals for personal appearance.

Hair Restoration for the Trans/NB community:

Most times, the goal of our hair restoration procedure is to build a more feminine hair line and combat any male patterned thinning that may or may not be present but we can also address hair loss concerns that face FTM transgender clients as well. From topical medications to PRP therapy, there are wide range of options best suited to each case. Our Medical Director Dr. William Evans strongly believes that a multi-therapy approach is the best way to approach any hair loss concern.

One of the most common procedures we perform on Male To Female (MTF) patients is creating a feminine hairline, which is lower, flatter, and rounder than its male counterpart. Additionally, we often repopulate the balding crown area with thicker naturally growing hair. Finally, some other cosmetic procedures create surgical scarring that often needs to be camouflaged with a hair transplant. This is often necessary from forehead lowering procedures, where resulting hairline scarring is sometimes very visible.

No matter what type of genetic background an individual comes from, hair loss often bothers everyone. Enfuse Medical Spa is proud that our entire team treats all of our patients with the understanding, support, and respect they deserve and welcome all to be evaluated for determining the best possible options to address their hair loss.

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