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Fractional laser resurfacing is a safe and effective treatment for lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture. Fractional laser resurfacing allows us to provide a more comprehensive treatment for our patients, and that means better results and a more rejuvenated appearance. The Pearl Fractional laser allows us to treat the undesirable textural changes of facial aging that are not adequately addressed with cosmetic surgery, neurotoxins, or fillers – especially those areas around the eyes and mouth. The result is a smoother and tighter skin surface with lasting results.

Consider the Benefits

The brand new Cutera® Pearl™ Fractional laser is a fractional, single treatment solution for the improvement (treatment) of a variety of skin conditions, including dyspigmentation, photoaging, lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, irregular skin texture, and acne scarring.

There is a growing demand among patients and practitioners for a more effective treatment to address wrinkles and uneven texture while minimizing the recovery time. Utilizing a unique (2790nm) wavelength the Pearl™ Fractional laser provides the technology to meet these demands – maximizing the cosmetic benefit while reducing the downtime.

Ablative Resurfacing

Ablative laser resurfacing is achieved by a controlled vaporization of the epidermis and/or dermis, using water as the target chromophore. The greater the absorption of the laser energy by water, the more rapidly tissue ablation occurs and the less heat is generated in the tissues; the lower the absorption of energy, the more heat is generated in the surrounding tissue. The evolution of ablative laser treatments began with the CO2 laser which demonstrated dramatic improvements in skin texture, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction. The CO2 laser creates a significant zone of thermal damage in the epidermis and dermis, providing aggressive tissue ablation and collagen remodeling, but requires involved post-treatment wound care, prolonged redness and downtime, and the risk for pigmentation changes. The desire for a treatment with less downtime led to the development of the Erbium:YAG laser. This technology offered an improvement in the recovery, but demonstrated only superficial ablation and little thermal benefit for collagen remodeling.

The objective of Cutera’s Pearl™ technology is to develop a synergy between ablation and thermal impact—maximizing the benefits of tissue ablation while minimizing the downtime. The goal is to provide an effective treatment to address lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture, discoloration, and acne scarring with a shorter recovery period.

  • Who is a candidate for Pearl Fractional?

    Patients with light-to-medium skin tones and skin imperfections due to aging and sun damage will benefit from a Pearl Fractional treatment.

  • What areas of the face can be treated?

    Pearl Fractional can be used on the entire face and is uniquely effective in treating the delicate periorbital (around the eyes) and perioral (around the mouth) areas. These areas often show the first signs of aging and can be the most challenging to treat.

  • How does a Pearl Fractional treatment feel?

    Most patients describe the treatment as a series of fast, hot pinches. A topical numbing cream is applied to the skin prior to treatment to alleviate most discomfort. If needed, our doctor can call in a prescription medication to make the treatment more comfortable.

  • When will I see results? How soon can I wear make-up?

    Many patients see improvement one week after treatment. Maximum results are visible in one to three months. Patients may apply make-up five days after treatment.

  • Are there any restrictions on my activity after a Pearl Fractional procedure?

    After treatment, the skin looks sunburned and may be slightly swollen. Patients report little or no discomfort post-treatment. During post-care, patients apply ointment to the skin for 5-8 days and should limit sun exposure and wear protective clothing.

  • Can Pearl Fractional be part of combination therapy?

    Many patients have a Pearl Fractional treatment in combination with other existing cosmetic therapies. These include other Cutera laser and light procedures, such as Pearl, Laser Genesis and LimeLight. Discuss combination treatment options with your practitioner.

  • How does Pearl Fractional compare to other fractional laser treatments?

    Pearl Fractional’s unique laser wavelength offers a safe and effective treatment to reverse the signs of aging. This combination gives patients dramatic results in a single treatment with a quick, one-two week recovery period.

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