If you’ve ever regretted getting a tattoo and have tried numerous techniques to keep it hidden without any success, then what you need is the Picoway laser. This revolutionary laser technology is state of the art and is highly effective in removing tattoos of all kinds. It can also help in the treatment of skin pigmentation, reverse signs of aging, and solve many other kinds of skin irregularities.

What Can a Picoway Laser Treat?

The Picoway laser can do the following:

• It can remove tattoos of all shapes, sizes, and colors effectively without any associated pain.
• It can treat and remove lesions on the body that are badly pigmented.
• It can help reverse the signs of aging and treat many kinds of skin irregularities effectively.

The Picoway laser can treat a wider area of skin and diminish the appearance of the tattoo up to 95% after just four to five sittings. It is more effective than any other tattoo removal laser on the market today. It uses strong pulses that are shorter in duration to remove the tattoo faster and more effectively.

It is a marked improvement over Q-switch lasers that aren’t as effective at removing tattoos that are made with dark colored ink and that are very old.

What Are the Advantages of Picoway Laser for the Removal of Tattoos?

• It uses just 3 wavelengths to treat many different types of tattoos of varied ink colors, types, and sizes including a variety of pigmented lesions on the body.
• It is not very costly and delivers excellent and fast results. It is a very high-performance laser.
• It is ergonomically designed and very easy to use. It is compact, portable, and can fit into any size office.
• It is painless and can make the tattoo nearly invisible in under five sittings.
• Traditional laser tattoo removal comes with certain risks, especially when being used on darker skin tones. The Picoway laser eliminates any such risks and is completely safe to use on many different skin types.
• The patient feels no pain or discomfort during the treatment as is in the case of the traditional laser.

How Does the Picoway Laser Differ from Traditional Lasers for Tattoo Removal?

The Picoway laser utilizes a highly advanced type of laser along with a unique picosecond laser technology. This technology delivers comfortable and fast treatments to patients and unlike traditional lasers, the pulses are given in short but strong doses. The pulses are so fast that they are measured in terms of picoseconds. One picosecond is one trillionth of a second.

The Picoway laser treatment for tattoo removal has been approved by the FDA and can remove all kinds of tattoos quickly and effectively from all skin types. It uses very concentrated and ultra-fast laser pulses to break down the ink particles of the tattoo while transferring very little heat onto the skin.

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