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We are glad to welcome you to this site and want to congratulate you on seeking to make changes to your lifestyle including the appearance of your hair.

It is now possible to transplant hair from one part of the body to another to fill in places where hair has gone missing. The actual hair restoration is part of a continuing service that includes using low grade laser light and vitamin supplement to stimulate hair growth. In fact, many people do have hair that lays in a dormant state underneath the skin, but it will grow with appropriate stimulation form light and other vitamins and/or lotions.

Further along the continuum are other products, such as vitamins and high- dose Minoxidil creams, that may also help restore hair and improve density. Oftentimes using these products is a way of gauging how you would respond to a hair transplant.

Certainly a hair transplant could be done at any time during this process, but ideally the scalp would be prepared with various treatments to be in the best possible shape for a hair transplant. Furthermore, these same services should continue after the transplant to continue healthy maintenance of the hair grafts.
Hair Restoration Before & After
Call us at 773-904-8310 to make an appointment to come in for a free consultation. The free consultation process also involves documenting the density of the hair and photographing the scalp to see how many hairs are dedicated per square inch. These services are free but do require an appointment to be done in a timely fashion.

We look forward to getting you to your goals of increased healthy hair with ongoing maintenance therapy.


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Enfuse Medical Spa & Hair Restoration

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