Eyelash tinting is a process wherein your eyelashes are dyed to make them look darker. Depending on your skin type and hair color, you can achieve eyelash colors, including black and shades of brown. Eyelash tinting will benefit people that are sensitive to makeup, people who are active in sports, and people who have no time to apply makeup daily. This process is also ideal for people who wear contact lenses because they do not have to suffer through putting on mascara any longer. The process involves a quick and non-surgical procedure using vegetable dye as tint. Compared to putting on mascara, the effect of eyelash tinting is very natural.

An eyelash perming is a process involving a solution placed on the lashes, rolled into the perfect curl, and allowed to dry. After the solution is rinsed away, you are left with beautifully curled lashes. This lasts for about four weeks and requires zero upkeep. Combining the process with lash tinting creates a fully-mascara-ed look that requires no maintenance.

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