The Light & Bright treatment is a type of intense pulsed light (IPL) technique used to improve a variety of skin issues. With Light & Bright in Chicago, you can restore the attractive and youthful blemish-free appearance of your skin. The technique has seen a spike in popularity among users due to its high satisfaction rate.

IPL technology helps in improving facial tone and texture without the need for a surgical procedure. The most notable photo aging occurs near the face, neck, and chest area. IPL helps in improving photo aging and any other damage due to sun exposure.

The Benefits of Light & Bright

There are many advantages of using the Light & Bright treatment:

  • It helps treat skin pigmentation, textual irregularity, and redness on the face and décolleté area.
  • It offers a superior skin-resurfacing technique compared to similar treatment options.
  • It uses Ellipse intense pulsed light and Frax 1550 treatments, which are part of the standard Nordlys platform, which is FDA-approved.
  • Ellipse IPL requires fewer treatment sessions to achieve the desired results.
  • The Ellipse intense pulsed light technology uses both narrowband pulses for targeted treatment and sub-millisecond pulses for better controlled treatment. The pulses use a dual filtration technique for a superior filtered light, making it a safe choice.
  • The treatment shows results in a very short time. An average of three sessions with a month gap in between often suffices.
  • The effects of the treatment speak volumes. Patients have seen improvement of around 80% and higher in redness and telangiectasias.

User Satisfaction

The Light & Bright intense pulsed light technique has resulted in very high user satisfaction rates. Clinical studies have shown improvement in photo aging and other conditions after one month of use. There is a high satisfaction rate of almost 95% among users after only one session. 95% of patients have come back for more treatment sessions.

The flexibility of the technology makes the treatment more popular among patients. The Nordlys platform and its ease of multiple applications under one system gives Light & Bright the edge over other treatments. The results speak for themselves.

Light & Bright Cost

The cost of a Light & Bright treatment session will depend on your choice of medical spa. Its price may vary based on the types of issues being addressed and the number of treatment sessions necessary to achieve the patient’s desired results.

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