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ARCONA Signature Facials Beautify the Skin

Published on November 16, 2017

ARCONA is a skin care brand that caters specifically to a woman’s unique and specific cosmetic needs. It is a natural luxury facial and skin care studio that was first established in Los Angeles in the year of 1989 by an exceptional woman named Arcona. She was a chemist and a pioneer in holistic skin care.

She used to develop natural skin care treatments and products that would serve as lifesavers to modern day celebrities. Her products provided people everywhere with an alternative to expensive cosmetic surgeries used to put a hamper on the aging process. What cosmetic surgeries did by being intrusive and harsh, her products did with a light touch.

Where is ARCONA Today?

The ARCONA brand is now known as one of the most respected cosmetic companies that provide a number of different products to the beauty industry. The brand is respected worldwide for its luxury, high-quality formulas and products for both women and men alike. It is unparalleled in its ability to truly make a positive difference in one’s skin.

What Makes ARCONA Different from other Brands Promising the Same Thing?

The main reason why ARCONA’s products are so effective is mainly because of their natural, active ingredients. The manner in which they are combined and prepared also have a huge impact on the final products. All of ARCONA’s products include ingredients that have amazing effects on the skin like antioxidants, enzymes, and amino acids.

They are all processed to work with each other in order to provide great results. To keep these ingredients effective and active, they are all cold-processed in very small batches. Most beauty products skip cold-processing because of the labor and time that has to be put into each product. Most companies just opt for heat processing, which ultimately leads to ineffective and lifeless nutrients.

What are ARCONA Signature Facials?

The ARCONA Signature facial is a cosmetic treatment that may take about 50 minutes to complete. ARCONA’s signature facials are designed to improve one’s skin and make it look more beautiful.

It is a deep facial muscle massage that incorporates lymph drainage as well as acupressure to provide an effective counter to the effects of gravity as well as an alternative measure for cosmetic facial surgery. The facial exercises that are done during an ARCONA signature facial tones and tightens the facial muscles, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

It also uses contouring to bring out the cheekbones and relieve any puffiness for a more refined and beautiful look. Unlike traditional facials, this facial doesn’t only produce results on the face. The Signature facial tones and relaxes the whole body. For more profound and deeper results, consider undergoing complementary treatments.

What to Expect After an ARCONA Signature Facial

All your senses will be equally heightened and delighted as you take in all the different natural aromas. The exquisite feeling provided by ARCONA products makes the treatment the experience of a lifetime. The treatment is designed to purge any and all impurities that your skin might have. You will emerge with a vibrant, fresh face after the facial.

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